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Look But Don’t Touch

I’ve always enjoyed summer. It’s my favorite season of the year. Sunshine and warm temperatures is what I like. According to a 2012 Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey (33%) of American Adults say spring is their favorite season. Almost as many (29%) picked summer. Next comes fall at (27%) and just six percent (6%) prefer […] Continue Look But Don’t Touch

Proper nutrition advantageous toward achieving fitness goals?

The answer is a definite YES! However, most people who exercise on a regular basis don’t follow nutritional guidelines or are just not aware of the advantages of such action. I might add that eating correctly will actually maximize one’s efforts in getting the best results from a workout. Just as a car needs fuel […] Continue Proper nutrition advantageous toward achieving fitness goals?

Ask the Doc: “Superbugs”

  What is a “superbug?” To better understand a superbug, it’s best to first understand microbes. A microbe is something that we can’t see with our eyes. Microbes are found all over and include things such as bacteria. Most microbes are harmless, but some can cause infection. These infections sometimes must be treated with medications, […] Continue Ask the Doc: “Superbugs”