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Breakfast Time

Growing up my mom would always say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I bet lots of other boomers heard the same thing. The moms were probably right. Many nutritionists seem to agree. If you skip breakfast it’s like trying to start your car without fuel. Breakfast provides the brain and body […] Continue Breakfast Time

The Key to the Success of Your Relationship?

Writers both online and in print have discovered that the quickest way to get a reader’s attention in a busy world is to put whatever one has to say into a list, preferably one that’s not too long. Lists simplify the reading and thinking process so that we only need to check off quickly what […] Continue The Key to the Success of Your Relationship?

Dating And Mating

Every few months I notice a mainstream column or TV talk show discussing dating, as if this is some new activity people have recently discovered and have no clue (or confidence) on how to approach. Perhaps, we, as a society, might offer some parental guidance for possible consideration (while leaving lots of room for creativity […] Continue Dating And Mating

Empowering Health with Food

Many of us are aware that, as we reach 50 and older, specific health concerns become more prominent. Concerns for diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, stroke and heart disease, stress and depression, cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and osteoporosis, and even flu and pneumonia are on the rise. What many of us may not know is […] Continue Empowering Health with Food